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Some aspects of the custom union
21.05.2012, 19:34
Some aspects of the custom union

А. Д. Варенцова

This article deals with the aspects of the Custom Union and it/s relationship with WTO.

In 1995 the leaders of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus (and later Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) signed the first agreement about establishment of the Custom Union, which transformed in Eurasian Economic Community. Custom Union is a form of trading and economic integration of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian federation, which provides a single custom territory, within which in trading customs duties and economic restrictions are not applicable, except special protective, anti-dumping and compensation arrangements. As a result Russia will have got a profit about $400 billion and Belarus with Kazakhstan - about $16 billion for everyone by 2015.

Establishment of the Custom Union and it/s fast growth caused negative reaction of the WTO at first time; there were some concerns that the rules of the Custom Union will not comply with WTO/s rules. However countries of West Europe and the USA quickly recognized a threat of non-entry of Russia into the WTO and agreed to make a lot of concessions in frames of negotiations. Thus, Russia keeps the right of slow reducing of duties and subsidizing to many sectors of economic during next 5-7 years. Belarus and Kazakhstan make negotiations about their joining into the WTO by themselves. In October 2011 the Custom Union/s commission arranged all the rules of the Custom Union in absolute agreement with WTO/s rules. In addition, it was decided that in case of joining the WTO, the rules of this organization will have more power than the Custom Union/s rules. And Russia joined the World Trade Organization on December 16.

In the future the Custom Union can join other countries such as Syria, Moldova, New Zealand and Vietnam.

Thus we see that the establishment of the Custom Union was very perspective and profitable for our country in spite of some difficulties with the WTO.

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