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Formation of competitiveness of the person in the market economy
21.05.2012, 19:28
Formation of competitiveness of the person in the market economy

В.Д. Головнева

With changes in the economy, Russia's entry into the European and world educational space requires new approaches to education policy. In recent years the requirements for specialists by employers significantly changed. If you were previously demanded highly specialized skills, but now need specialists possessing a wide range of professional activities, the use of computer programs capable of possessing knowledge of the economy is ready to change character and content of the work.

The concept of modernization of Russian education in the period up to 2010 notes the need to ensure the accelerated development of primary and secondary vocational education, because at the present stage of the economy the need for highly qualified workers increases. Educational institutions of elementary and secondary vocational education should focus on preparing graduates, which are characterized by: professional competence, professional excellence and quality of work and the ability to plan, implement and monitor one's career, the ability to use modern computing and information technology, the ability to make decisions, to anticipate their possible economic and social results, take responsibility for their decisions and the results of its operations. Graduates of schools in which instruction is aimed only at the transfer of knowledge are not ready for an independent and responsible work in specific situations, employment or training, as well as further training throughout their careers. Well, employers and parents do not meet the traditional approaches in education. In this regard, in recent years in Russia and in European countries carried out the reform of the education system.

With the development of mass education the economy began to identify defects of the traditional educational process. Students enrich their mind with new concepts, and after successfully passing the exams much is overlooked. There is no interactivity, that is, interaction with other participants of economic activities. And most importantly - at the time of study, students do not feel responsible for their decisions. To eliminate these defects teachers use business games, economic Olympiad, computer programs, and most importantly - simulation board games. In the world better tools than a board game for learning, education and communication are not invented. In developed countries, economic games played a significant part of the population. "Playing - learn!" - This slogan in both developed and developing countries has become the most widespread. In many cities around the world are popular holiday games, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. These international holiday games are held annually in Bern, Zurich, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Vienna, Munich and other cities. And Asian countries actively learn from developed countries.

Список использованной литературы: - электронный журнал "Современные проблемы науки и образования".
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